The series of 33 lectures (average 2 hours each) comprising the course “Cosmography 101” are now in final production phase! 

New releases (parts 2 and 3 of first class) coming soon for rental on our YouTube channel….  


Randall Carlson presents:

Meteor Showers and Halloween / Festivals of the Dead         

Cosmography 101- Class 11  (10/ 31/07)

 Topics covered


Part 1:     (00:45)

Cultural Shifts and Environmental Changes

Meteor Streams

H-chondrite Stream

Stony vs. Iron/metal


Lunar Impacts

H-chondrite Streams cont.

Explosions over Water


Burckle Crater

Possible Recent Impacts

Shoemaker-Levy 9 Impacts into Jupiter

Crater Chains: “Catenas”

Cosmic Debris

Atmospheric Skip-offs

Orbits of Near Earth Objects (NEOs) and Earth-crossers

Comet’s Nucleus


Part 2:     (00:50)

Evolving Census of NEOs

Tunguska Maps

Skip thru Accounts/Testimonials from 1908 Blast

Local Site Images

Blast Zone Comparison for Scale

(Jump past slides)

Close Encounters

Asteroid Fly-by Headlines

Wake-up Call from the Cosmos

Mega-mammal Extinction

Historical Impacts

Effects on Civilizations

Ancient Symbols and Terminology

(speed thru text slides)

Extraordinary Meteoric Display in 1913

Object Size Comparison

(skip geometry of orbits slides)

Meteor Shower Radiant

Taurid Meteor Stream from Comet Encke

Bi-annual orbit crossing

(skip multiple slides)

Neo-Catastrophists’ conclusions re: Taurid Complex

French Cave Painting from 14,500 BC

Identified objects from Stream


Part 3:     (00:40)

Monks Witness “Bruno” impact on Moon

Measured Effect of rocking post-impact

“Comets in Ancient Cultures” from NASA Deep Impact Mission website

Cosmic Serpent

(skip by text slides and more)

Traditional Symbols and Representations

(skip by numerous images)

Festival of the Dead

Cosmic Origin of Halloween

Relation to the Deluge

Origin of the Devil (skip by slides)

Satan/Demon Falling from the Sky

Day of the Dead

Culmination of the Pleiades

Deluge / Taurid meteor stream relations

Broom Stars and Witches